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We're Moving San Diego Forward

Building broad support, working to influence policy,
developing and promoting smart growth ideas,
improving our community and the lives of all
San Diegans...

Move San Diego: the public voice in support of effective transportation options and sustainable growth in the San Diego region.


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What Is Our Mission

Convenient, on-time, healthy, sustainable transportation throughout the San Diego region.

Organize and serve a broad collaboration of people and organizations to prioritize, fund, and implement sustainable, healthy, convenient transportation and related land use solutions that get people and goods wherever they are going, on time, throughout the San Diego region.

Organizing the Community

  • Assemble and maintain a collaboration of the various groups working to improve transportation. Help to resolve issues between groups that are blocking unified progress.
  • Serve this collaboration with information, analysis, constructive advocacy, outreach, communication, and convening.
  • Provide a place for members of the public to show their support for transportation solutions.
  • Develop, promote, and facilitate regional transportation solutions, and support regional leadership in effectively implementing them.
  • Be accepted as a trusted public voice for sustainable transportation.

Working with Government

  • Through proactive and constructive work with relevant agencies, help shape the next Regional Transportation Plan and each successive plan. 
  • Promote the planning principles and plan changes required to increase transit ridership: connectivity of the network, customer experience, transit travel times equal or faster than driving for key trips. 
  • Encourage transportation agencies and other public and non-profit organizations to provide information to the public, in innovative ways, about the opportunities for more sustainable transportation and improved land use. 
  • Fearlessly and respectfully identify the obstacles blocking innovative solutions to transportation and land use issues, and constructively pursue their remediation.

Results in Our Region

  • Dramatic improvements to our region's transit system, doubling transit trips taken per day after 7 years, and doubling again after another 7 years. 
  • A 50% increase in the number of housing units in walkable locations. 
  • A 50% increase in the number of jobs in walkable locations. 
  • Identify the best mix of infrastructure and services for a sustainable transportation future.

What Do We Value?

Traffic and High Energy Costs are Problems.

Transit is a Solution.
Transportation choices like walking, biking, telecommuting and transit let you do what you need to do while reducing traffic congestion and pollution. An efficient and convenient transportation system connects all the options together, making life easier and more productive.

What is Move San Diego?
Move San Diego is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation of San Diego’s environment through the design of sustainable transportation, smart transit and improved infrastructure. We aspire to be the trusted public voice for sustainable transportation. Through proactive and constructive work with the public and relevant agencies, we will help to shape our region’s transportation plans. Move San Diego emerged from a unique alliance between the business and environmental communities to improve regional quality of life, support better development, and reduce the impacts of congestion on people and the environment in San Diego County.

Great Places Have Great Transit
Studies show that most successful metro areas have great transit systems. Cities such as Washington D.C.; Paris, France; San Francisco; and Brisbane, Australia have proven that a well-designed transit system can work.

The Benefits of Good Transit

  • Reduces traffic congestion and frees up parking
  • Saves time and money
  • Enables economic growth and productivity
  • Good for the environment and health
  • Gets people to work quickly and reliably
  • Creates new real estate value

Why Are We Awesome?

Our primary goal is to promote progress on the planning, development and use of different transportation modes - such as walking, bicycling and public transit - and the land use patterns that help determine their effectiveness.  Move San Diego is not anti-automobile.  Rather, we believe the region must begin bringing our transportation investments into balance.  We need to protect the region's enormous investment in roads from overuse, and to protect the region's environment and quality of life.  Our transportation investments must be more strategic and cost-effective.

Click here for a trifold brochure about MoveSD.

Who Are We?

Move San Diego was formed in January 2004 by citizens, environmentalists, bicyclists, pedestrians and transportation experts to build board support for sustainable transportation systems and land-use policies.  Click for information about Board of Directors or Officers and Staff.

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